Stephen Johnson



Our Training Team

My name is Stephen Johnson, founder of Zion Health and Wellness. I am an experienced, NASM certified personal trainer with thousands of sessions trained. I became involved in health and wellness after examining the overall bad health of society and wanting to make a difference. Coming from an athletic and active family, I have always wanted to work in an active environment. I have been training for three years and love helping people meet their health goals. We offer personal training, homeopathic healing through supplements, boot camps and nutritional plans. All trainers are dedicated to helping our clients reach their goal in a reasonable time period and show a great work ethic.

​Everyone is divinely gifted with one body for this journey called life. The choices are whether to treat it as your temple or laundry basket. The physique you're looking for is the desired image of your inner soul. All goals are obtainable with our fitness programs. I am well acquainted with gym equipment from being on sports teams my whole life. I've done cross-country, football, soccer, swimming and wrestling to name a some. I'm passionate about guaranteeing others the happiness and contentment of reaching their best well-being possible.

I am a new personal trainer part of Zion Health & Wellness. I am here to help others reach the goals they desire to have. It can be nutrition, weight loss, weight gain, cardio, just about any help you need i can assist you. What makes our business stand out from others is that we actually research and continually find better ways to make our training more beneficial for you. Me and my team of trainers get together often to make sure we are doing everything we can to satisfy our clients goals. Our workouts guarantees results as long as you are willing to push yourself to reaching the goals you want to accomplish.

My name is Natalie Nuno, I'm excited to continue helping people achieve their fitness and health goals. I'm energetic and conscious of individual needs. I have a strong fitness and nutrition background after studying health psychology and nutrition supplementing my BA in Psychology at UC Santa Cruz. I strengthened my education with supplemental courses in new fitness training techniques and health changes on a yearly bases.

I have three years of experience running fitness and health education programs with Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Monica which has equipt me in incorporating dynamic styles of training and bringing high energy to boost workouts. I have also collaboratively ran beach boot camps and had a blast doing so. I have a passion in the wellness of others such that I am currently studying to become an Occupational Therapist. The education I am receiving now has only strengthened my understanding of body mechanics. 

I am versatile in training using my experience and background in weight training, boxing, yoga, cross country, softball and much more. I also like boot camp style trainings where you can push your limits in company of others ready to push into new fitness levels.  I am exited to have partnered with Stephen in developing Zion Health and Wellness by continuing to provide quality services.