I've had about 3 sessions with Stephen now since I first hired him and he is awesome! He is very knowledgeable and works with you to meet your goals. Since seeing him I was able to build myself up to running a mile in under 10minutes which I wasn't even able to do in high school! I've even lost 3 pounds! I would recommend him to anyone trying to get in shape and needs the extra help!

Alyssa V.

Stephen is truly a magnificent trainer. He doesn't mess around and keeps you on track. He's flexible, reliable, motivational, and a true professional. There are times that I think he's trying to kill me, but that's a good thing! It means he's doing something right ;) 5 stars for this gem.

Danielle N.

Stephen is fantastic. He will work with you on all aspects of your goals including diet and he is extremely flexible with his schedule. He's also just a great person and you'll love working with him. Highly recommended!

Vito C.

Stephen is an awesome trainer who really works with you at your pace but pushes you at the same time. He gave me great meal and work out plans which helps a lot. I would definitely recomend him as a trainer!! :)

Noelle H.

I was hesitant to work with a certified personal trainer because I, like a lot of people, thought I can do this on my own. But working with Steve has helped me be more effective in my workouts and the results have been excellent so far. I'm consistently losing weight and for exercises I find uncomfortable he will adjust them for me so I can still get the same results with a different method. We are doing a lot of core work which I need and I feel better than I have in months. I would highly recommend working with Steve if you're considering treating yourself to a trainer. He has also overhauled my diet and has encouraged me to give up coffee (almost there!). He is knowledgeable and accommodating and your time will be used efficiently.

Gina G.

I had an excellent experience working with Stephen. He ran along side me when I was intimidated to do so alone(Even though he is a fast runner an I was a 4mph jogger). I've lost 30lbs working out with him, but most importantly I've kept them off for a year! He also has tips on snacks and meals for what ever you need..I was dehydrated in winter and he reminded me to drink water with cucumber and lime...fresh!

Lily T.

Stephen is my first professional trainer. He is great about keeping me on track. I get the most out of every workout session. He is very professional and humble. When you lose confidence he is there to pick you back up. He will make sure that you reach your goal in a reasonable amount of time. I highly recommend Stephen Johnson.

Vanessa C.

Steve started workin with me in May 2013 hoping to lose some weight, but what happened was a change in lifestyle and wellness. I am 25yrs 5'9 150lbs and was previously 185lbs the most overweight I have ever been in my life. He got me on a strict and health diet that I know follow religiously and love! I have never been the strongest, but I have gained muscle, in the weight resistance training and I lost the fat through fun cardio sessions. I highly recommend working with Steve, he is very knowledgable about diet and nutrition, with an emphasis on a hollistic and organic all natural approach to supplements and meals.

David F.